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1st European Miss TEAM-Cup at the EP_M_4c_P_D1 in Rust

From wednesday, 15th till saturday, 18th of july 2015 the 1st European Miss TEAM-Cup will take place at the Europa-Park in Rust, Germany (near the city of Freiburg).

The time schedule is planned as following:

wednesday, 15th of july 2015:

thursday, 16th july 2015:
sports competitions – Europa-Park / rehearsal

friday, 17th july 2015:
gala evening at the hotel Colosseo
fashion opening
part 1 in evening dress with interview
part 2 in bathing suit or bikini (single as well as team)
final & awards ceremony

saturday, 18th of july 2015

Terms and conditions for participance:

• you have to be at least 18 years in 2015
• no existing nude or semi-nude photos or videos
• contestant has to be a citizen of the country she is representing or has to be born in this country or at least one of her parents or grand parents has to be a native of that country by birth
• submission of at least 2 current photos by email – please name all files (first and last name)
• application exclusively submitted by email at

Applications are accepted with immediate effect for the TEAMS for the following countries:

Austria (team Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany are already elected!)

Each country (Austria – Belgium – France – Netherlands –Switzerland – Germany) will assemble a team of three participants. The TEAMS try to win as many points as possible in sports competitions as well as in the two parts at the gala evening. During the final on Friday, 17th of July the winner TEAM with the most points will be evaluated and honored.

Please understand that we can only accept complete applications with photos! Further informations can be found at

The prize is € 5.000,- in cash on top of other fantastic prices!

Transportation (train or flight) and accommodation including full board in this fantastic 4 star hotel is covered during the contest by the organisers the Miss Germany Corporation! the largest seasonal theme park in the world and Germany’s
largest 4-star hotel resort with four themed hotels

Good luck and we hope to see you there!

Who is winning the First European Miss TEAM- Cup at the    EP_M_4c_P_D1

“A beautiful watch shows the time. A beautiful woman will make you forget”, raved Maurice A. Chevalier a French chansonnier. You cannot count the unforgettable moments by watching the beauties anymore that have taken the chance to win the title in all those years. Which are given from the Miss Germany Corporation who is organizing the beauty contests.

If you want to get the impression of how beautiful it is losing time for a couple hours, should go to the Europa-Park in Rust on Friday, July 17th 2015 which is the biggest theme park in Germany. You are going to be a witness of a world premiere. The First European Miss TEAM- Cup will take place in front of one of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery in Germany at the Europa-Park.

As part of the 40th anniversary and after 12 successful years calls the Europa-Park in cooperation with the Miss Germany Corporation to this unique international team competition event. There is no comparable competition in the history of the Miss Germany Corporation. For the first time will get one team the fancy crown.

This will look like an eye candy for the audience but it will be hard work for the attractive beauties who are coming from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. On the one hand the title contenders are going to show their best to prove that they are qualified for the catwalk. On the other side they have to prove there condition in sports and quick- wittedness. On top of that is a top class jury going to rate the teamwork. This is a great challenge because at the end will be just one team who comes as winner off the stage. Ones more proves the assessment of the 20th century world soccer player Pelé: “The more difficult a win, the greater is the joy of the winning.”

The winner team can be pleased about a cash win of 5.000 Euro. Until then it will be a long and exhausting way. The competition for the representatives of the countries starts already on Thursday, July 16th 2015. This day they will expect a top athletically attractive competition at the Europa-Park.

In addition the competitors have to fight for points in proving their skills in several competition with summerly temperatures. But they will get pay off on stage next day. It says “what goes around comes around”. All collected points will flow into the total score.
On Friday is the big showdown because the teams have to compete against each other another time. An open air event will take place on Piazza Romeo at the Hotel Colosseo. This time the women will show their most beautiful side by wearing trendy fashion from Europa-Park, evening dress and swimwear.

After that the international jury has the agony of choice. Everybody is excited of the result.
The audience will enjoy good food and drinks in a Mediterranean ambience at the Hotel Colosseo until the decision is made.

A production of the
MGC-Miss Germany Corporation Klemmer GmbH & Co KG – Tangastraße 13 a – 26121 Oldenburg

0441 – 8008 64-0 – –
in cooperation with Europa-Park in Rust


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