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    3rd of July – 6th of July 2019 

Participation conditions

• at least 18 years old 
• no erotic photography or nude pictures
•  contestant has to be a citizen of the country she is representing or has to be born in this country or at least one of her parents or grand    parents has to be a native of that country by birth
• submission of at least 2 current photos by email – please name all files (first and last name)

Die Teams


It is not possible any more to apply!




Each Team consists of three participants. The national teams earn points in sportive activities and in two rounds during the gala evening. At the final on 5th of July 2019, the team with the highest score will be awarded a price. 


Wednesday, 3rd of July Arriving until 1 p.m. 
Thursday, 4th of July Sportive activities at the Europa-Park/rehearsal
Friday, 5th July rehearsal/gala evening at the hotel Colosseo


first round: team fashion challenge with interview,

second round: sporty outfit (single as well as team),

final & award ceremony in evening dress

Saturday, 6th Julyindividual departure 


1. Price

The main price is 5.000€ from the Europa-Park


For the teams

Every team receive 450€ (each participant 150€)


Free accommodation

3 nights at the four star Europa-Park-Resort, catering and the travel costs will be covered


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